Fertility Yoga DVD


Fertility Yoga DVD


This Fertility Yoga DVD will help you relax and give you strength and confidence to trust your body on your fertility journey to motherhood.

Restorative and therapeutic yoga practices for all abilities whether you are new to yoga or if you have regular yoga practice.

This Fertility Yoga DVD will help de-stress the mind and body preparing the body for pregnancy and if needed relaxation techniques’ for those seeking fertility treatment or IVF.

I have formatted the dvd into sections so you can practice according your time and needs.

Sections include:

  • De Stress and re-energise – 18 mins
  • Yoga practice for reproductive health – 30 mins
  • Shoulder stand series – 2 mins
  • Yoga Flow Sequence – 4 mins
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques – 4 mins
  • Deep relaxation – 13 mins

Total 72 minutes

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