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Introducing myself and my story

I am Lisa Attfield. I have been practising yoga since my late teens and used yoga to help manage stress as I established my career as a merchandiser in London. I married Steve in 1998 at age 26 and we started trying for a baby soon after. By the time I was 30 I had still not conceived. I knew I needed to strike a better work/life balance if I wanted to conceive, so I decided to train to be a yoga teacher.

In 2005 Steve and I took part in an ITV television production called ‘The Real Good Life’ which helped us adjust our lifestyles and, as a result, we quit our demanding jobs in London and moved to Devon to set up Moon Farm, producing salad leaves and willow.

After eight years of trying to conceive, I finally had medical investigations and we were informed that IVF was our only option. We had three cycles of IVF at Exeter fertility clinic and finally, at the age of 36, we had our beautiful baby girl Josephine. After two more IVF cycles our twins, Dexter and Isabelle, were born in April 2011.

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Fertility Yoga Research

I researched and devised this fertility yoga programme and used it before and during my fertility treatment to keep me calm and positive throughout this emotional and physical journey.

No-one really understands, unless they have experienced it, the emotional rollercoaster of trying to conceive a healthy baby. I have been there and wanted to share my programme in this Fertility Yoga DVD.

I wish you, with all my heart, strength and courage on your journey to parenthood.

Best of luck!

Lisa x

A sneak peak of the Fertility Yoga DVD


The Fertility Yoga DVD is designed to help you relax and give you strength and confidence to trust your body on your fertility journey

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